Holistic Power

This can be incorporated to all styles of yoga. As it brings the understanding that everyone is different and everyone’s body. Motivating everyone no matter their experience to enjoy the class and do their best. Bringing yoga into the 20th century.

Holistic Yoga

Build your

Through positive messages, quotes and stories that resonate with me. To help build confidence in people.

This is a great as it creates honesty between the teacher and student,  creating a community. Dissolving ego and allowing one to accept themselves for who they are. In all of my classes I bring this approach.

Relieve your day to day stress

It strengthens and stretches every link of the bodily chain, dissolves tension and eradicates stress, bringing us back to wholeness. Instead of being divided, we become united. We find balance and harmony. This allows us not just to survive but to thrive in all aspects of our lives – career, relationships, athletics, school studies and much, much more.

Strengthen and invigorate your body

Power vinyasa encompasses strength, balance, flexibility, stamina and detoxification, all within the context of a seamless, unbroken flow that links breath with movement. We like to think of it as an athletic meditation in motion (Holistic Yoga Flow goes beyond the physical to incorporate pranayama. chanting, meditation, subtle anatomy, philosophy, mythology.

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